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So it’s that time of year that we begin to think about what to give friends and loved ones as gifts. I have made a list of some things that I have considered and even put on my own holiday wish list. Here we go….in no special order:)

1.  A lavender eye pillow is fantastic. They cost $10-15 and can go everywhere the person does. The ones I sell can be chilled or heated.

2.Yoga Blocks, either cork or wood for their home practice or has what you need to help your Yoga person be stable

3. Yoga straps are a must but often not something we buy ourselves. NG Yoga Center has several options but google to your heart’s content. NOTE: make sure the Yoga strap is at least 8 feet long and has METAL D Rings. cost is around $10-20 depending on length, maker etc…I love…

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Memories still in my mind – The Isley Brothers

I was literally running to catch my plane at the Atlanta International Airport no more than 30 minutes ago and who did I see, the one and only Ronnie Isley. Songs like; Fight the Power, Go all the Way, Harvest for the World and Between the Sheets. Songs that gave you memories that will last forever. I still get memories from their songs today.

The Brothers that I grew up with in New Orleans have followed me my entire life. From The Big Easy to Okinawa, Hong Kong, The Philippines and another 36 States along the way. When I met the man that sang so sweet he made me feel like a bird in flight on a sunny day, I could not contain my joy. My smile was bigger than any before because my jaw hurt afterwards.

I found solace in their music when times were tough and growing up times always seemed tough. Alcoholic Father, absent Mom and no one to provide direction to a boy becoming a man before his time and then in walk The Isley Brothers. Ernie Isley / Marvin Isley / O’Kelly Isley / Ronald Isley / Rudolph Isley / Chris Jasper who by the way is really Chris Isley, were all the inspiration I needed. FIGHT THE POWER was my mantra. I played this album so much that I had to hit the turntable every revolution or it couldn’t get out of the groove. I was forever in the groove with The Isley’s.

Soft mellow music of a bye gone era or hard thumping funk that had even this white boy dancing like I stole something. It seemed that all of the songs had meaning not only to me but to the Isley’s themselves. No one could ever make the kind if music they did without actually feeling the passion that created it.

Ronnie looked the same to me as he did 40 years ago. Yes, a little older but no worse for wear and he still had that smile that would melt the stone of any hard hearted woman. He still made me feel free like I didn’t have a care in the world.  I owe a lot to the Isley’s. I’m sure they have a lot of other fans just like me. Music only means something when it was good to you or pulled you out of the funk and the Brothers still mean the world to me.


30 Survival Tips From Les Stroud


30 Les Stroud Survival Tips

30 Survival Tips From Les Stroud

01* In cold or freezing conditions, the worst thing you can do is let yourself get sweaty. He constantly mentions that if you get sweaty, you should let the sweat dry (he mentions this tip in almost every episode).
02* Use a lens from a camcorder to start a fire (as if it is a Magnifying Glass)
03* Always carry a good multitool (eg. Leatherman Wave or Swiss Army Explorer Plus).
04* Break wood between two trees to keep from hurting yourself.
05* Cut water-vine in swamps and jungles and place a cup at the opening to collect water.
06* Wipe mud over your skin to protect against mosquitoes.
07* If you catch lean food eat as much of the animal as possible, except the entrails. Certain wild animals have extremely low levels of body fat, which may lead to death by rabbit starvation.

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Freedom Fighters of America has arrived!

Freedom Fighters of America was born out of the lies and deceit of our elected officials, not just Democrats or Republicans, but all of them. We haven’t heard the truth out of DC in a long time, but you will … Continue reading